Monday, May 11, 2009

Blue Sails on the Horizon

I totally haven't been in the mood to write lately. I've been crazy busy with work. We're short staffed since we opened the new bar. And I've been driving back and forth between, first the hospital and home, and now my parents house and home. My mom was released from the hospital last Tuesday, and she's doing much better. In fact, she found out the day before yesterday that she is now cancer free!!! They got her lab results back, and we're all psyched about that obviously.
But anyways, I've just been so stressed out with everything that's been going on, and then Brandon and I got in a fight and didn't speak for 2 days... It's all been resolved now. The thing is, when I get stressed, I keep things to myself, and don't tell anyone what's bothering me until it gets to the point where I just can't handle it alone anymore. And at that point, I really need someone (i.e. Brandon!). But he has this impulse that makes him pull away, because of his stupid issues where he doesn't wanna get close to anyone. Anyways, it really upset me, and I sort of lashed out at him out of no where, and just made things worse for myself. ((SIGH)) I just wanted him to be there for me, ya know? But next time, I'll just say that, instead of yelling at him via text messages. Heh.
But like I said, we talked it all out, and we both apologized for our mistakes and everything is fine now. So after the hellish week and half I had, things are finally starting to calm down, and I can breathe again. I'm so relieved about my mom. There's only a 10% chance of the cancer returning! And those odds are pretty good in our favor, if you ask me! :)
Taking care of someone, even part time, is a lot of work! My poor mother is only just starting to be able to do things on her own. And she still can't be left at home alone all day, so me and my aunt have been taking turns staying with her while my dad is at work. But it's hard because its so much driving for the both of us, and then I have to go to work late and get up early. So my normal sleep schedule is totally fucked. But it won't be for much longer. It was really nice having Sophie and Brent here, even though it was only for like a week. It's too bad they couldn't have stayed longer to help out. But oh well.
My trip to Europe is fast approaching! I can't wait. I've even been having dreams about it! Beautiful sunsets, pristine beaches with blue water, ancient architecture... ((Sigh...)) I am so ready for a vacation!!!
In other news! Bethany and I are having a joint birthday party this weekend! I can't wait! Todd is gonna be in town that weekend too, so he'll be able to come. My birthday isn't actually for 2 weeks, but since I'm trying to save money for Europe, I was just gonna forgo my birthday celebration. But then Bethany suggested we do it together. So I'm really excited! Brandon was scheduled to work though, unfortunately, so we're in the process of trying to get his schedule changed for that day. So far it's looking good though! It's been so long since the 2 of us have like...gone out and partied! So I'm really excited! It'll be good for us to you know, get drunk and have amazingly hot sex just like we used to on a more regular basis. Haha!
Well, I gotta get to bed early tonight, so I can get up and drive back over to the parent's house in the morning. I'll try to post more this week. If not before the party, definitely after!!

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*Amber* said...

Glad to "see" you again! Hope you're birthday is fan-tab-ulous!