Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally Some Time To Relax

This weekend was pretty fun. I worked the opening shift Friday, so I had the night off. Me and Todd and Misty went out. Todd was in town for his dad's birthday, and Misty happened to be off work, so we all got together. We bar hopped all over Houston and had a blast. We ended up at my bar, of course, and Brandon was working. As we were walking in, Todd spotted Laura. His ex. She was standing outside waiting for the valet with 2 guys and a girl. And one of the guys had his arm around her, rubbing her back.
"Laura's here." Todd said under his breath.
"What? Where??" I looked around till I spotted them. "Ok well, quick! Let's get inside." I said, as I ushered Todd inside.
"Her friend just texted me." Todd said as we walked up to the bar.
"What did she say?" I asked.
"Umm...well she called me a douche bag. She said, 'Laura had a feeling you'd be with that girl, and you are-instantly crushed'." He read the text aloud.
"What the hell?? Just ignore her. It's none of her business what you're doing anyways." I said.
But Todd ignored my advice and wrote her friend back anyways. He told her that "That Girl" (aka me) has a boyfriend, and that Laura seemed to be doing just fine. ((Sigh)) I left him to his devices after that.
After the bar closed, a group of us all went to IHOP. It was me, Brandon, Todd Bethany, Tugg and Brandon's sister, Summer. We talked and ate and had a really good time. Finally around 5am, me and my boys headed back to my apartment. Todd had to stay on my couch cuz his little bro dropped him off at my place on their way in from out of town. Me and Brandon cuddled all night and I slept like a rock! My slightly inebriated state might have had something to do with that. ;)
The next morning, we all left at about the same time. I had to take Todd home, and Brandon went to the golf course. I took Jasper with me so that I could take him to the dog park after I dropped off Todd. Alyssa and Russ met me and Jasper at the dog park. Overall, Saturday was a long and busy, but fun day! I spent the afternoon with my parents, and the evening at work. And by the end of the night, I was exhausted!
Now it's Sunday and I'm relaxing on my couch in sweats, watching TV and doing laundry. Just what I need! Ahhhhh...


Ashley said...

So how are those feelings for Todd? Still there?

Anonymous said...

New posts coming soon?
And this may seem like an odd question, but did the date on that last post change? I swear I read that post before Sunday... but maybe not since i check for new posts everyday :)