Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can I Get A Witness

Friday night was...insane. I got off work early, and partied for part of the night. But my fun came to an abrupt end when I got home, around 4am. I was putting myself, and Jasper to bed, when I heard a car alarm going off right outside my window. My parking lot is right outside my bedroom window, so I knew it had to be a car that was pretty close by. So I peered out my window to see if I could figure out which car it was. And as I was looking in the direction of the flashing car lights, I saw a dark figure walking through the parking lot! He was coming from the direction of that car. My heart started racing. My eyes glued to the window, I grabbed my phone and immediately texted Brandon. He had to stop by his sister's house to check on her, as she'd been incredibly drunk.
"How long till you get here?? I'm scared!"
"Why??" He replied.
"There are car alarms going off and strange men in the parking lot." I wrote, as I climbed back into bed.
"Well my sister's in pretty bad shape. I'm waiting for my mom to get here and deal with her. I'll try to hurry." He said.
Not 5 minutes after I tucked in, I heard 2 loud noises. They sounded like crashes almost. My first thought was that someone either ran into the gate, or someone was shaking the gate. So I got out of bed again and peered out my window. The man I'd seen before was gone, but this time, I saw another guy with a black ski mask on, walking around a little red Ford. He had a messenger bag over his shoulder and something in his hand. I grabbed my phone again and dialed 911. 
We've had a parking lot robbery here recently, so I knew it was time to act. While I was being transferred to the appropriate response team, the man in the black mask broke the back passenger side window of the car and took something out. Then he calmly strode off!
I gave a full report to the cops and they said they'd send out a car. I continued watching out the window. I saw my apartment manager go out in the parking lot in his pajamas, obviously in search of the source of the loud noises. I pulled on my sweats and walked outside to tell him I'd already called the cops. 
In the meantime, I called Brandon to let him know what had happened, and he said he'd be right over. I explained to my landlord everything I'd witnessed, and I told him that the police were on their way. It turns out they broke into TWO cars! They hit one car, then probably tried another, but set off the alarm, and that was when I went to look out my window.
Before long, 3 squad cars showed up. They made me tell my story again, and give detailed descriptions of the men. I couldn't tell them much, considering one of them had on a mask and long sleeves. But I tried. They wrote everything down and got my information, and then I finally went back inside.
Once Brandon came over, I felt a lot better. My heart was still racing! I mean  I never realized how much I took safety for granted, until it was violated. And I've had a hard time sleeping alone since. Especially since I come home from work so late. But Brandon came home with me Saturday night, and I've been off the last couple days, so I haven't been getting home late. 

Ok, this is totally random, but did anyone else watch The Bachelor?? Jason is a DICK. What a fucking ASS HOLE. Both of those girls should chunk deuce. He doesn't deserve either of them. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you're ok, quick thinking for calling the cops :
and bachelor!!! OMG, he makes me mad. he def doesnt deserve nolly! i was glad that she didnt immediately go after him when he told her that he broke up with the other girl and wanted to give her a shot again. But then she said yes.
SO. he's so stupid! His poor kid. Thanks for the blog!

K said...

That is definitely scary! My friend actually had a guy try to break into her apt. last night. He was actually turning the doorknob. Good thing she has a big fiance, who's also a cop. He scared him off.

As for the bachelor, I didn't watch much of the series, but I read about this "ending" weeks ago. Someone must have leaked it. Apparently the producers planned this whole thing... He was closer to Molly the entire time, but they shot it like he wasn't, and made him do the "twist": Pick Melissa, then dump her on the After Show and go for Molly instead. I can't believe nobody else read this scoop and no one is talking about, not even the tabloids. It was all planned!