Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was talking to Emma on Facebook the other day. I had noticed she posted this old song we wrote, the last time I went to Slovakia with her, right after we graduated high school. We were total dorks. Anyways, she's living there temporarily right now, with her mom, who just had a baby a few months ago. And I had been thinking about her a lot lately. We used to be practically sisters, and somehow, we drifted apart, and it makes me sad. Well, when I was looking through my old games for Game Night last Wednesday, I found this old game that Emma and I used to LOVE. It's called Herd Your Horses. Lol. We were total horse freaks in junior high. And it just got me thinking about our friendship, and how much I miss her. So I got on Facebook to send her a message, and as it turned out, she had just tagged me in a note! And it was our song "The 12 Days of Christmas: Peyton and Emma style". Lol. Which basically is a list of potty-humor type things we got for Christmas, but still hilarious. She found it in her desk when she got back to their old apartment in Slovakia.
So anyways, we started talking, and she mentioned that I should come visit and I started thinking... You know? Why not? Now is as good a time as any. I'm working a job where I could easily leave for a couple weeks and come back, no big deal. And I'm young, and not married, and I don't really have any huge obligations that would restrict traveling...
So I'm gonna do it! And the other cool part is, Sophie and Brent are gonna be backpacking around Europe this summer too! Sort of like a quasi-honeymoon type thing. So we're all gonna meet up in Slovakia and then travel to Prague together. Emma and I are gonna go a bunch of other places too, and then possibly meet back up with Sophie and Brent in Amsterdam.
Anyways, I am soooo excited!!! And what's funny is, my mom just pointed out that my tarot card reader told me I was gonna go to Europe this year! And I had forgotten all about that! Except he said I'd be going in October, and I'm going in June, but still...
OOOOh and I can't stop thinking about all the amazing photos I'm gonna get! I'm definitely gonna do a photoshoot with Emma while I'm there. She's very exotic looking and therefore beautifully photogenic. And I have some really great ideas!
When I told Brandon about it, he said it was a great idea and immediately offered to watch my puppy! He won't be around much this summer anyways cuz he has so many golf tournaments. Although, in 5 months, he won't be much of a puppy anymore!
Speaking of my puppy, I'm really disappointed because he was supposed to be arriving tomorrow, but because of the airline pet restrictions, he can't come till Wednesday. Something about the temperature not being right. ((sigh)) It really sucks too cuz I took 2 days off work so that I could spend time with him, and now he's not even gonna be here! And when he does get here, I am gonna have to work! Ugh! It's too late to rearrange my work schedule now.
Oh well, I'm sure the airlines are strict about that stuff for a good reason. I'm still struggling with a name though. I really wanna name him after someone from a book or movie that I like.


Heather said...

Name him Watson from Sherlock Holmes. :) Super cute.

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd already decided on Jasper...

Nic said...

I thought that you were gonna name him Jasper.
We named our dog Harvey after Elliot's dog in ET.

But you're coming to Europe! Even to the Netherlands! :D But I'm not there in June.
You aren't gonna visit Edinburgh by any chance, are you?

jtreydogg said...

Marly maybe?

I dunno... My dogs, with the exception on Kiwi - were already named when we got them and it seemed silly to change them. And even with Kiwi, she was named in memory of Kiki - so it wasn't completely original! It fit tho - being a min-pin, she sorta feels like a Kiwi lol

Good luck with your new puppy! They are so fun but a lot of work - do all the work and you will end up with an awesome dog!

Nic said...

I just awarded you with the Cute Blogger Award.

Hope you're enjoying the bliss of coming to Europe in Summer. Keep in mind, there's no such thing as Summer in Europe (well, we do have summer it's just the same as spring and autumn).