Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Normal" Is Pretty Great

The next day Brandon apologized profusely after I told him what had happened. He said he thought it was his sister putting lipgloss on him, and that he pretty much had no idea what was going on; he was on "autopilot", as he put it. He also told me he's lucky to have me and that I have nothing to worry about as far as those other girls are concerned. And he assured me that it would never happen again. Of course I did tell him that if I ever see that blond bitch again, I will not show her the courtesy of being nice.
And then I gave him shit about for the rest of the day, but it was mostly just playful teasing, and I promised I wouldn't bring it up again after one day of berating him. Haha.
So things are back to normal again, and I'm actually glad for that. Because these days, "normal" is pretty great.
Saturday was pretty much awful since I had to get up early and go to work after the miserable night I'd had Friday. But the good part was that I was off by 5, and Brandon had spent the better part of his day sitting at my bar. Turns out he lost his wallet the night before. Ha! Karma's a bitch, ain't it? Lol.
So Saturday night, I went with Brandon to his dad's house to watch the De La Hoya/Pacman boxing match. It was brutal, btw. It was the first time I'd ever met his dad and his fiance, and I was a little nervous. But everything went well, other than the boxing match. Lol. We were planning on going out afterwards, but by the time we got back to my place, it was already 1am and we were both spent. So we stopped at CVS, picked up some ice cream and settled ourselves on my couch for the night. It was wonderful. :)
On Sunday, I didn't have to work until 7, so Brandon and I spent most of the day together, but unfortunately, he wasn't going to be able to spend the night again. I was doomed to a night alone in my bed, shivering. He always keeps me so warm at night! I call him my personal space heater. I guilted him about it just a little, but he had laundry and cleaning to do, and these days he doesn't get to spend a lot of nights in his own bed, so I let it go.
Work was incredibly long and boring, and I was planning on just going home and watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia till I fell asleep afterwards. But when I got home and walked into my bedroom, I turned on the lights and was startled to find Brandon fast asleep in my bed. :)
I was so surprised, and so happy at the same time, and I just thought...I love him.
He had been so adamant about staying at his place, because he had a lot of stuff to do, and he didn't wanna have to drive all the way back, and he needed his rest, etc... But there he was! In my bed. ((sigh)) And in that moment, nothing could have made me happier.


Anonymous said...

awww peyton! i'm soooo happy for you! wish all the best for you guys! btw.. im from philly and im not being bias when i say always sunny is THE BEST! sorry had to say it :) good luck with everything... cant wait for the next post!

Ashley said...

I like the new purple background! And, I'm glad things worked out. I had faith in Brandon, even though I don't know him and have bad luck with that name! Sometimes people get drunk and just don't realize what an idiot they are being. But, it sounds like things are really great, so enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

:) glad things are going well. and you changed the background of the page? nice :)

Little Miss Chatter Box said...

YAY for you. sounds like you've got a keeper. : )

Anonymous said...

I miss the pink! I'm glad things with Brandon are going well. I kind of got lost where you introduced Brandon, should probably go and read again how you two met.