Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dinner For Two!

Well my Thanksgiving was anything but relaxing! Hours of driving, getting up early every morning, running around all day... ((Whew!)) Now that I think about it, no wonder I've been so exhausted since I got back! But it was great seeing my family, and Sophie and Brent, and Brent's family. But it's also good to be home. I really missed my alone time! And I really missed Brandon too, of course. It's hard to sleep without him.
My apartment is a total disaster! There's nothing worse than coming home from vacation to a messy apartment! And I've hardly had any time to clean either. But that's what I plan on doing all day tomorrow since I have the day off.
Yesterday, I went to the golf course with Brandon and some of our coworkers. They played in a tournament; I rode around in the golf cart. Haha. It was also the coldest day of the year, and I now have a cold! I can't stop sneezing! But the tournament was fun! We mostly just drank and smoked doobies. Lol. But Brandon is very serious about his golf, and he played well. It was cool to finally watch him.
Tomorrow I'm planning to cook him dinner for the first time, you know as soon as I get my apartment clean. But I'm thinking salmon, with some steamed broccoli and dinner rolls. I need to think of something good for dessert too. Oh, and I'm gonna make some hot buttered rum! Mmmm...I just hope we made some money at work tonight so I can afford to buy all this stuff!
So needless to say, things with Brandon are still going great! It's still very solid. He calls me "babe", and "sweetheart", and I finally went over to his place! His house is really nice, and his bed is wayyy more comfortable than mine! Lol, but it's like almost an hour away! Ugh... So I dunno how often I'm gonna make that drive. Anyways, I think I'm gonna hit the hay. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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StarzGazR said...

Girlie! I've missed your blog!! I'm glad to hear everything is great!!