Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Last Woman Standing

Well apparently Abbie's wife has been cheating on her since February with some woman she works with. Abbie's twin, Reagan, found out quite by accident. They all share a family phone plan, and Reagan was looking over the bill when she noticed that Helen's call log had been manually deleted, which was odd, as well as a strange number that was being texted a lot, late at night. So she mentioned it to Abbie, and Abbie confronted Helen, and she denied it at first, but "gradually" came clean, only admitting to a little bit at a time.
Abbie said she is heartbroken, and still loves Helen, and she thought they were still in their honeymoon phase, despite the fact that Helen has been callous and bitchy towards her recently. She cried on the phone, and said she feels like a failure and she doesn't want to tell anyone that Helen cheated. I think she's being way too accommodating. What a cunt! Ugh... I feel so bad for her. But she said her new job as a flight attendant has helped keep her distracted and busy. So that's good. Hopefully she'll meet some new people and being away from Helen will make it easier for her to move on.
So that's what's going on with that.

So for the past several months, Lauren has been kind of seeing this guy she met on Tinder who lives in Dallas. He's been here to visit a few times, and she's gone there, but she always spoke of him as if he was more of a friend than a romantic interest. Like, she thinks he's really funny and they have a good time together, but she wasn't that attracted to him physically. And then there was the fact that they basically never had sex. Apparently she tried to initiate it several times, and it just...didn't work. So that's definitely not a good sign. So based on all of that, I never really gave Dallas Guy much thought. But then she went there this past weekend and she told me on Sunday that he asked her to move in with him! IN DALLAS! Apparently the lack of sex was due to the fact that he "really really likes her" and was nervous, and after they talked about it, everything was fine in the bedroom. And she said she is actually thinking about it. If she leaves, I'll just DIE!! She is my ONLY remaining single friend! Not to mention, basically my only friend AT ALL here in NOLA. I mean, there's Bethany, but we just don't have much in common anymore and I don't feel as close to her as I did back in the day. Plus, she's completely consumed with work and wedding planning. Ugh.
If Lauren leaves, who will I go out with on the weekends? Who will be my trusty wingwoman? Who will go to last minute happy hour with me? Who will be my travel buddy on road trips to Houston??? MY SOCIAL LIFE IS GOING TO DIE A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH! Not to mention my sex/dating life, which I pretty much owe entirely to her. I never would have met any of the guys I met this year if I wasn't out with Lauren. ((Sigh))
I know Sophie is coming, which is good, but...it's not the same as having a girlfriend my own age to pal around with. And she doesn't really go out much, and we run in very different circles. We've always had our own friends. I've had terrible anxiety over this for the last couple days, because I don't want my life to go back to the way it was. When I was boring and always at home watching tv and eating. I could gain back all the weight I lost! UGHHHHHH....
Making new friends is hard.
Meeting men is hard.
I thought I had a handle on that situation, but now all of that could go down the toilet. ((Sigh))

I haven't heard from Kyle all week either. Not since he apologized for responding late to a text I sent him. He was at a haunted house with his brother and he said he doesn't like to be on his phone when he's doing things with other people, which I understand and respect. But now he's in Miami all week, and I told myself I wouldn't text him AT ALL. And I haven't. But he hasn't texted me either, which is not a good sign.


Anonymous said...

Hey, few things: 1) You don't need a battery for a Laptop. If you bought you're lap new at a respectable place you have the plug that fits into the lap and electricity. I freaked out when my battery died after 3 yrs, I googled it and all you do is plug it into the electricity and boom like ME you have access. Now, you can't move say on you're own lap around you're place etc, however all laps will run on electricity alone. I move mine around where I can plug it into a socket. Most places have at least 5 sockets so my point is you don't need a battery to run a laptop.

2) You're complaining about the $ spent on going to a wedding? That's the "RISK" you take when buying airplane tickets, "gifts" etc. Even though you are so right on the "cheating" all that $ spend is ON YOU. Same happened to me, I spent a lot of $ on a gift like $500+ just on a gift and I was upset they separated a year later for many reasons, but that's on "Me". PERIOD. NO one can ever complain about that it called "life". Let's say you really love someone and you got married, and for whatever reasons you separated/divorced, do you honestly think all the people that came to you're wedding and flew in, gifts etc, would be upset/mad at you for separating??? So, if you feel that way with them, do you think if you got married/separated/divorced anyone/everyone would be upset and want their $ back????? It's life, get over that "quick". I am in "awe" "shock" that you even mentioned it. I got married almost 4 days shy of 19, a lot thought we would never make it, yet we got thousands of dollars (never added it up) and yet had we "never made it, back in 1974 NO ONE would complain about the $ (that's the way was back then). Maybe, that's my generation way of thinking, and by the grace of god, we been married 42 years now. Think about what I said.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish I was single like you but other times I am thankful for my family!!!! I love my family and don't get me wrong but it would be nice to think of just myself for once!!!! Enjoy being single while you can but keep your eyes open for "the one" if you rush it you will be unhappy and on your way to divorce!!! I am what they call a "lucky one" and found my love early. I had my first kid 2 weeks before I turned 21 and my second one 7 years later almost to the day. There are times I wish I waited for all of it and there are times I am thankful for all of it. I firmly believe it happens when it is supposed to. Best advice I can give you is chin up butter cup and just enjoy life. You only get one!!!!!

Peyton said...

Anonymous who posted at 3:21pm...wtf are you talking about a laptop battery?? I never said anything about my laptop.
Secondly, of COURSE I don't expect or want to get gifts back from anyone whose wedding I went to that later split up. I was just venting about it on "MY BLOG" because being pretty much the LAST single person I know, and working my job which I love, but which pays a pittance, makes splurging on things like wedding kind of a big deal.
Also, why do you use so many quotes?? When people put quotes in comments, it shows up as a bunch of weird characters in the comment review section, so the only way for me to read them is by publishing them first.
And finally, I just have to, I can't help myself...you really need to learn the correct usage of your/you're. So many people do this, and makes them appear ignorant, even if they are not. So, being a grammar/spelling Nazi, I just CAN'T NOT say something.

Peyton said...
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Peyton said...

Oooohhhh, I now see that your laptop reference was from like 2 posts ago. My battery was dying bc the CORD that CONNECTS my lappy to the outlet was chewed to bits, by my kitten. There was no problem with the battery.