Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stir Crazy

Ugh, you guys are all SOOO right about Brazil. I know he's immature, and I can do better. It's just the sex! Seriously! I smell his cologne and I literally get flashes of weird nostalgic feelings, and desires and I'm just left with the thought that I have literally never had better sex. ((Sigh)) Let's just hope that when I finally do find Mr. Right, he'll be as good in bed as Brazil. Lol. But he has been facebook stalking me...Brazil I mean. Literally, he likes ALL my posts. Almost immediately after I post them. ((Sigh))
Anyway, I start school again on Thursday, and I'm really dreading it. I dunno why, but I just don't really feel like I actually got a break from school this time around. I mean I went to NOLA, and Houston, and I have these 4 days, but ughhh....it just doesn't seem like enough! Well at least I only have one more semester after this one! Then I'm outta here~!
You know what's great too? Now that I've decided I wanna move back to Houston, I feel like the pressure to meet a guy has been lifted. Because what's the point of dating someone here if I'm moving in like a year, right? So I can just....concentrate on my artwork, and save money, and think about what kind of job I wanna get when I'm finished with school. NO BOY DRAMA. So I'll just continue to hook with Matt when I need a fix. Lol. Seems to be working well so far! Well here's to staying indoors till Thursday since it's like 2 degrees outside. Literally. I'm on the hunt for a new tv show to watch. I just finished Homeland. Any suggestions?


Ashley said...

Turning down good sex is hard. Be strong Peyton!

Have you ever watched The Tudors? It's a good saga to get into if appreciate the drama of King Henry VIII, the royal court, and his many wives. I'm a big fan of How I Met Your Mother so if you haven't seen that I highly recommend it.

The first season of Revenge is on Neflix and it is soapy goodness.

And you can't go wrong with some Arrested Development.

Kelly Freckles said...

Once upon a time. It's a little cheesy, but it's cute and all about fairy tales =)

Anonymous said...

Suits! I just started watching it (on the 3rd episode) and it totally lives up to the hype!

srob said...

Game of Thrones, Hell on Wheels, House, Dexter, Alias! (just started watching this one again and MAN I wish they still wrote good shows like this.), Mad Men, Walking Dead, Downton Abbey