Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trouble in Paradise

So somehow, Dahmer and I made it out Friday night. We went to my old bar, then to the shot bar to visit Taryn. After that we headed to a new bar that's opened since I moved. My old friend Tara, who I used to work with at the country bar is working there now! So she totally hooked us up. We also ran into Ben, who's notorious for only partying at the hottest spots. Lol. But we had fun, and were in a cab by 1:30am. Taryn didn't get home for another couple of hours, and Dahmer was already asleep.
The next morning we loaded up the car and were headed out to Rory's family's ranch by 11. We pulled up about an hour later. And it was absolutely breath taking! So much more than what I was expecting. Sooo much land, so many horses, the barn looked like a house, and the house was...whoa. Very impressive. Rory gave us the grand tour upon our arrival, and then we all suited up and jumped in the pool. The awesome saltwater infinity pool with a cabana and hot tub! We spent the entire day in the pool. There was a pretty big group there, which included me Taryn and Dahmer, George, Carrie, and some of Rory's family. And it is sooo hot in the Houston area right now! It was over 110 every single day. But we were in and out of the pool so much it's like we only got out to eat! And I got the most amazing tan!
So last night, I didn't want to drink, because Rory said we were gonna go riding after dinner, and I didn't want to be too drunk to ride. No one else seemed concerned however, and I was pretty much the only sober person. When the sun started setting and dinner still wasn't ready, I began to give up hope that our evening ride was going to happen. It was around this time that all the drama started to go down. I had just walked in the house to wash up for dinner when Dahmer approached me.
"Hey...Taryn's in the last bedroom. Did you wanna talk to her?"

Since I wasn't looking for Taryn, and hadn't even inquired about her, I thought this was a rather odd question, and I'm sure it showed on my face.

"Do I need to talk to her?" I asked.

Dahmer shrugged, "I dunno. She's pretty pissed."

"Why? At who?" I asked.

"At me, maybe?? I don't know, I think she's mad that I didn't put my foot down about us getting our own room."

I raised a brow, "What??"
"Well Rory said it's his parents rule that only the married couples get their own bedroom, so we're all sleeping out in the cabana."
"So?" I said. The cabana happens to be a really bitchin' little house, with 8 beds (4 twins with trundles), all with TempurPedic mattresses, 2 full baths and a pool table. So no complaints here!

"Well I dunno...she's all mad about it."

I sighed. "Ok. I'll go talk to her. But she has no reason to be mad at you."

Dahmer just shrugged again as I walked down the reallllly long hallway past all the suites to the last bedroom. Lol. I knocked on the door.

"Come in."

The room was dark, and all the curtains were drawn.

"Hey," I said as I walked in, "Dinner's almost ready."

Taryn was laying on top of the covers, looking extremely sunburned and very drunk.

"Ok." She said in her soft, higher than normal drunk voice, "I'll come eat in a minute."

"Are you sick?" I asked.

"No...I'm just really tired."

There was another knock at the door.

"Come in!" We both said.

Carrie came in and turn on the light.

"Turn the light off!" Taryn said in a hoarse whisper.

"I just need to get my stuff and move it to the cabana. My shit is everywhere..." Carrie said as she began picking things up and tossing them into her suitcase.

"Ok just turn the light off." Taryn said again, a little impatiently. Carrie and I exchanged, WTF? looks, and she reluctantly turned the light off.

"What's the matter, Taryn? Are you not feeling well?" Carrie asked in a concerned voice.

Taryn signed, "I'm fine...I'm just a little disappointed that [Dahmer] and I don't get our own room. I mean we live together. And I was told before we came out here that we would have our own room, and our own bathroom, and now we're here and I find out we have to sleep in the cabana in a twin bed in a room full of people." She pouted.

"So what? We're guests here. It's only for one night. It'll be like summer camp!" I said, trying to cheer her up.

"Well...I mean, we're not gonna get any privacy."

"It's not like it's your fucking honeymoon!" Carrie interrupted with a laugh.

"I know that, but this is just not what I was expecting. And it really pisses me off that [insert couple here] get to have their own room, just because they're married."

"Those are Rory's parents' rules. They're very conservative." Carrie said, starting to look annoyed. She was pretty sober as well.

"Well, we might end up driving back tonight." Taryn said haughtily. My jaw almost dropped. They were my ride!

"You're kidding me." I said flatly.

Taryn sighed, "Somebody tell me to suck it up."

"SUCK IT UP." I said, more loudly than I intended to, "This place is amazing, and we should be kissing Rory's family's feet for letting us stay here at all. Let's just have a good time, and not stress about stupid shit. Ok?"

"Ok." Taryn sighed with a pout.

Carrie and I left her to get changed while we went to eat.

"I can't believe she's being like this." Carrie said under her breath.

"Me neither! I've never known her to be so..."

"Rude? Selfish? Demanding??" Carrie finished my sentence.

"Uh...yea." I said.

"I need to get the fuck out of here. Where's Rory? He said he wanted to make a beer run. Wanna come?"

"Yes please!" I said.

So as soon as we finished dinner, we piled into Rory's SUV for a drama free drive. We all bitched about the drama that was happening. Apparently Rory was dealing with drama of his own. This girl, Dawn and her husband, Tommy were both completely shitfaced. And Dawn kept talking to Rory's mom about his ex, who she is still friends with. And apparently she was pretty rude. So Rory's mom got all mad at Rory about it...((Sigh)) Poor guy. It's his birthday weekend and he can't even relax and enjoy himself. So the 3 of us made a pact to get hammered. Lol. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? So we loaded up on beer and wine, and headed back to the ranch, for round 2 of excitement.

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