Friday, January 16, 2009

My Fortune

I dropped Brandon off at the airport Sunday afternoon after a day of walking the French Quarter, and eating breakfast at Cafe DuMonde. It was Brandon's first time to eat a beignet! I was really sad to see him go. Especially when I needed him so much. That night at the hotel was miserable. I had no one to hold me, no one to cry to. And it was so cold and lonely in that room all by myself. ((Sigh))
But the next morning, I woke up around noon, and showered. Brent and Sophie walked over to my hotel and then we walked over to the Quarter to do some boutique browsing. I bought a really cute new Loungefly purse on sale. I just couldn't say no. I also got a really interesting looking book in this antique bookstore. Then we went to this tea shop called Bottom Of The Cup - all 3 of us love tea - where they do psychic readings. It's the oldest operating tea shop in the United States! About a year ago, Sophie and Brent went in and got a joint reading from a man called Otis. He predicted that marriage would be in their future, before they were even planning on getting married! Back in the day when the shop opened, your reading was free with a cup of tea. But now they're 30 dollars. But I figured what the hell! And I decided to get a reading from famous Otis. Plus, my tea was free! Sophie came in with me to watch. First he read my palms. He said I was a natural leader, and I had a very long lifeline. He also told me I'm a very visual communicator. I communicate through pictures and writing. Which is so true! Then he got out his tarot cards and told me to make 3 stacks and pick one for him to read. So I handed him a stack, and he began flipping over cards.
He told me that this year on my birthday, I'm going to start a new 7 year cycle, which means I'll have much better luck this 7 years, than the last 7 years. He asked me if I had a rough year last year. Of course, I said yes. Then he told me I was going to be making a lot more money this year. He had flipped over Pentacles, which means money.
He also told me I was going to have very good Karma.
Then he asked if I had a boyfriend. I told him yes, since October. He flipped over a few more cards and said that Brandon is with me because he wants to be, and that we are different, but a good match.
Then he picked up the next stack and said there was going to be overseas travel in my future this year! How exciting! More pentacles...more money. A new job, in February! That accounts for the extra money I'll be making I suppose. Financial security, The Lovers - companionship and harmony. He said that Brandon's in love with me! :)
Then he said that I'll be going to Europe in October.

So overall, 2009 is supposed to be much better that '08. And I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it. And he said that Brandon is in love with me! I know it's silly to think that all this stuff is true but...it could be! Who knows!
After my reading, I bought this really pretty handmade porcelain charm necklace with a Celtic design of hearts on it. It's beautiful. And it came with a card that describes the meaning of the sign and everything. I really like it.

Despite everything that has happened in the past couple of days, I am trying to think positively. I mean, I have been depressed; I've cried myself to sleep every night. But the night is the hardest. I couldn't do it without Brandon. During the day it's easier. Bethany and Alyssa have been trying to get a hold of me, but I won't answer. I know what they're going to say and I can't handle it. Brandon says I can't avoid them forever, and he's right but... At least I can avoid them for now. ((Sigh))

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about oliver, i know how hard it is to lose a pet but not that way...I am so sorry. I hope you are feeling better, and I am happy for you and brandon