Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Space Between Us

I woke up this morning with a photo and a message from Jamie. I slept for maybe another hour, then when I woke up again, we started talking. We chatted for a while, about the election, and some other stuff. Eventually the conversation turned a little bit naughty... He was at work, and I just can't help but tease him when I know he's surrounded by people and trying to control himself lol. So I was revving his engines a little bit, just for the fun of it. Then he said he had to go into a meeting, but we still kept talking....

Jamie: You're pushing a lot of my buttons right now

Me: :) 
Me: I love pushing your buttons. It's very satisfying.

Jamie: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying it also

Me: I know, lol. Are you going to have a hard on in your meeting?

Jamie: Haha it's finished so I'm just about to drive home...

Me: Were you just having that conversation with me DURING your meeting??

Jamie: It was an audio and the big part of the agenda was cancelled

Me: Hahaha. You're still bad...
Me: I do enjoy you, Jamie. Lol maybe too much.

Jamie: How do you mean?

Me: I enjoy how easily I can turn you on for one
Me: And you make me laugh

Jamie: Haha my male weakness for you
Jamie: I'm glad I do though, and it's felt in return also

Me: I hope so

Jamie: No need to hope

Me: I just don't speak to many people with such...candor.
Me: And none of them are male except you
Me: Not that I'm having sexy conversations with my girlfriends or anything...lol.

Jamie: That's good to know and sincerely received. Distance is a bit of a fucker isn't it

Me: Yeaaaa let's just not go there right now

Jamie: Agreed, I'm going to have to jump in the car now though. Can we chat later if you're around?

Me: Sure

Jamie: Enjoy your day x

Me: You too

I didn't hear from again today, but I haven't stopped thinking about our conversation. The fact that he referenced the distance between us in that particular way kind of startled me. I mean did I read that wrong? Was he just referencing the fact that we can't have sex, or was it more than that? At the time, I assumed it was more, but maybe I was reading too far into it, I don't know... I just wasn't prepared for that topic, in any context. And I don't want to talk to him about that via electronics. I want to have that conversation in person, if we have it at all. It's too easy to write something like this off when you're chatting online or via text. I want to see his face and hear his voice, and I want him to do the same.
But who knows. Maybe he didn't mean anything by it.
What I do know is, I love the idea of him. The idea of him being this far off, yet possibly attainable future. And the idea of having someone to talk and laugh with, and kiss and fuck, and be in love with. And everything about him is so disarming to me. I'm not the same way about him as I am with most guys. Not as prickly or wary. I mean yea, he's attractive and charming and I know I can't be the only one who sees that. But he still seems to want me. Despite the improbability of it all, and the inconvenience and maybe even the pointlessness, he still wants to talk to me. Regularly! He still wants to come back and see me. How easy it would've been for him to just...have his fun with me for that one weekend and never talk to me again. It's what I expected, in fact, and I was ok with it! But he didn't do that. He stuck around, figuratively speaking. So now I'm just thinking about him constantly, and trying not to. And I'm hoping against hope that he can be my date to this wedding, and imagining how amazing it will be to see him again. ((sigh))
I guess I really am just a hopeless romantic.

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