Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Place Where I Belong

If I get a little sad/discouraged/depressed/start feeling sorry for myself every time I see that another person in my social circle has gotten engaged or married, does that make me a selfish person??
Cuz I've been feeling that a lot lately. Two engagements and one wedding within a week. Ugh... It just makes me feel so inadequate. So...lonely.
And not just for a significant other, but for my family and my friends. I know I have Sophie, but she's talking about moving to NYC next year, and one good friend isn't always enough. Over the past year+ that I've been here in Chicago, I've learned something really important: that you should never take your friends for granted. Because true friends, the friends you stay in touch with for years and years, the friends you can always count on, the friends who you're not afraid to cry in front of, are really hard to find. And they're even harder to replace.
I guess I'm getting a bit homesick. It's weird because I finally have my own place here, and I actually do feel "at home", but I still feel alone. I mean I have Abbie, but she's not Izzie. She's not Jenna. She's not Taryn. I miss them all so much. Which brings me to my next point...
I'm thinking about moving to Austin. When I finish school I mean. NOLA is still in the running of course, but Austin may now be a close contender. My trip down there is only in a couple more weeks, so perhaps that will paint a clearer picture for me.
But how will I know when I've found the place where I belong? Not just geographically, but career-wise, relationship-wise, friendship-wise? Am I too late to be asking myself these questions??


lauraperkins said...

First of all, you have to get to the place where you can be happy by yourself. After you're happy with yourself, then you'll be able to be happy in a relationship, and no matter where you are geographically you can be happy then. As far as geographically GOES, though, be close to family- when/if you have kids, you'll want them to be around your parents. And think weather- if you like hot/cold- that's a good place to start! And remember that it changes- you can be happy somewhere for 10 years and then decide you want to move. But get to know yourself first and love who you are!

Maggie said...

Personally, I love Austin. I moved there for college and stayed until my early 30s. It was a great place to be young and single. And then a great place to start my family and have young kids. We only left to move to Houston because of my husband's job, but we'd go back to Austin in a heartbeat if we could. It has a great artistic community too. I think it would be a great option for you - closer to family and friends but still a new place to live.