Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Idle Chatter

Well I don't have too much to report, but it's another late night/early morning for me, and I can't sleep. So I figured I'd do some rambling. Well I've just realized that most of my friends are already pregnant with baby #2. ((Sigh)). So that's...depressing.
Also, is it not weird that all my serious boyfriends got married and then started having kids in the order that I dated them?? That's totally weird, right??

Anyway, our staff trip last week was really fun. Of course we all played Truth or Dare the first night as if we were all in high school. Hahaha. But it was hilarious, and my lips are sealed! Lol. And overall it was just a fun, relaxing trip. I drove Ronnie's parents car on the way home, cuz Ronnie was too tired to drive. And that was really nice too, cuz I enjoy driving, but since I don't have a car here in Chicago, I never get to drive. Not to mention, Ronnie's parents drive a Lexus :)

I'm going to Austin in a week too! And I'm sooooooooo excited about that! Hopefully something exciting will happen whilst I am there.

Also, I recently decided that the next guy I hook up with will not be just a hookup. I'm going to be completely celibate until I'm in a relationship. And with the way things are looking, that could be a very, very long time. So let's hope I don't go insane meanwhile. School starts right after I get back from Austin, and up until recently I've been really dreading it. But now I'm actually kind of looking forward to it, if only cuz it means I won't be spending so much time alone, and bored. I really need to get out of the house more. I've been such a homebody this summer. Mostly cuz I'm always trying not to spend any money, although I usually end up failing at that anyway.
My semester is going to be very busy this time around, because I'll be taking all studio classes, Monday through Thursday, and they all go from 9am to 4pm, with 1 hour for lunch. So I'm gonna have to try and turn around my sleep schedule before then. I'm hoping my trip to Austin will do that for me, since Izzie is an early riser.

Well I guess I'm gonna watch another episode of Breaking Bad and then attempt to get some sleep! I'm on season 3. Think I can catch up before season 5 is over??

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