Monday, May 21, 2012

Pre Move Preparations

My apartment is almost done! I've been cleaning and painting and hanging things all day, and my back is killing me. Lol. But this is officially my birthday week! And my friends are coming in 2 days, and my party is in 4! I seriously can't wait. I've got a whole week off work, and I'm finally gonna get to really kick off my summer.
Today was the first real hot day of the summer, and Sophie and I went to the lake to lay out. I'm a little burned actually, which is quite unusual for me, as I tan really well, but my skin hasn't seen the sun in ages! And I may have overdone it on the tanning lotion... Oh well. I'm sure the redness will be gone by tomorrow.
Unfortunately, I don't really have much to write since all I've been doing is working and getting my new place in order, but I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for hangin' in there! Just wait till next week, I'll have plenty to write about. TRUST ME.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!