Thursday, February 17, 2011


So this may seem kinda random, but someone commented asking who my celebrity look-a-likes are. So here are the 3 I get the most.

What I've gotten the most over the years is a young Teri Hatcher.

Every once in a while I get Jessica Biel.

And what I've been getting a lot more recently is Jennifer Carpenter. Flattering, cuz I LOVE her on Dexter!

But I am definitely not as skinny as Jennifer or Teri! I have curves. I would describe my body type as more like that of Katherine Heigl. I'm pretty tall, with big boobs and hips, but I'm still obviously a white girl. Haha.

So that's me in a nutshell! I'm a brunette, obviously, and I would say my most noticeable feature is my eyes. Which is what, I am told, makes me look like Teri Hatcher. But she has gorgeous eyes, so I'm totally flattered!


Ashley said...

Thanks Peyton! I'm glad you answered my question through a post. The funny thing is, that is basically what I had in mind, although not curvy. But, I've got curves too and still only tip the scale at 117 so I'm sure you're still pretty slim. I have little boobs though. My boyfriend always says size B boobs are the "B"est. LOL.

Again, thanks to replying to one of your faithful readers. Even though you know nothing about me, I'm told I look like Katherine Heigl in the face, a little Charlize Theron, and a little Rachel McAdams. Totally random.

Ashley said...

Hope Chi-Town is treating you well!