Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Friends?

Ok it's 3am and I don't have much time to write, but I just wanted to jot down a few things before bed. My classes are going so great! I'm actually excited to do my homework...well, some of it. Lol. And I think maybe I made a new friend today! There was a new girl in my photo class that sat next to me, and something about her just seemed very...approachable. Maybe it was because she didn't have hot pink hair and facial piercings. Lol. Not that everyone in my classes does, but I go to an art school. You get a lot of interesting characters. Anyway, her name is Kate, and we talked a little during class, and then she walked with me to my train stop afterwards. Unfortunately she lives in the suburbs somewhere so she had a longer walk than I did, but we exchanged email addresses. And of course I'm going to see her again on Thursday. How lame is it that I'm excited about making my first possible friend? Lol.
Oh, and did I mention the hot guy in one of my other classes? The one that looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt? Well I have that class Monday and Wednesday nights, and this Monday, we went to watch a guest lecture in the auditorium for the first half of class. And he sat right next to me. And he asked if he could borrow my chapstick. Hehe. It's a little weird, yes, but so is he. I dig it. There's something about him that's so...raw. Like, he doesn't comb his hair at all, and his clothes have rips and stuff in them, although he does shave, so it's not like he looks completely unkempt. But I don't think he dresses that way and stuff because of a lack of hygiene or anything, I just think he doesn't care. I mean we go to an expensive private school. So unless he's like a whiz kid on a full scholarship, someone in his family must have money. Or something... I dunno, I guess it's too hard to judge some one's financial situation based on that, I'm mean look at me! I'm broke as a joke. But anyway, the good news is, I'm starting to meet people. And I'm really enjoying school!

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