Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Like A Wilting Flower

Like a wilting flower I am
Slowly fading
Once I leaned towards the Sun
Now I am
Slowly waning

With every breath I take I am
Deeply sighing
With each petal I shed
I am
Faintly crying

Like I wilting flower I am
Near expiring
My weight too much to bear
I am
Bent and tiring

That which once did give me life
Has turned his back on me
No Moon, no Stars, no Sun in sight
Just waste


~J said...

That is just.. idk..for a lack of a better word.. awesome! I loved it..even tho it's so sad :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Peyton,
Didnt know how else to reach you, I have been reading since the beginning but never posted...I just wanted to make sure your ok...Also i hope your feeling better, I know what a crappy time you've been having with Law school and your friends and stuff. Anyway you dont have to post this comment, I just wanted to make sure your ok even a really quick post just to let all your readers know your ok! :) :)
Love Amy