Monday, May 9, 2016


Well I haven't seen or spoken to Adam since that night, so clearly, that's over. Chris is still in California, ugh... Not a whole lot has been going on, actually. I'm fostering a 3 week old kitten who needs bottle feeding, and that's about all the excitement I've got right now! The kitten is really cute though. He's tiny with HUGE eyes and teeny nose, and a cute little pot belly. Lol. Anyway, I did have a one night stand with a really hot guy in town from Austin a couple weekends ago. He's half Chinese, half white, with shoulder length hair, and he's gorgeous. But of course, he doesn't live here. I might see him again though, because Bethany's bachelorette party is gonna be in Austin, and I mentioned it to him. We exchanged numbers, but haven't talked since I dropped him off at the airport the next morning. So we'll see.
I've been texting on and off with this guy, Kyle, I met here in NOLA on my 30th bday. I briefly mentioned him in my blog 2 years ago. We met on my bday, and really hit it off, and exchanged numbers. We texted back and forth for quite a while, but I went back to Chicago, so it fizzled after a while. But we've texted here and there over the past 2 years, and it's picked up a bit more recently. We actually haven't even seen each other since the night we met. He was in flight school for a while, and now he's...well I dunno where he is exactly. In Louisiana, but not in New Orleans. I have a feeling we may see each other soon though. I hope so anyway. There's a lot of chemistry there.
Ok enough about guys. Sophie is moving in when my roommate's lease is up and I'm really excited! We have all these plans. We're gonna paint and redecorate, and throw a party! And it'll be nice having her around. Although we haven't actually lived together since we were both under our parents' roof. I think it'll be good though. We (generally) travel well together, so I think we'll live well together.
My birthday is coming up again in a couple weeks. I can't believe I'm gonna be 32. I feel like I should have accomplished so much more by this point. ((Sigh)) It's probably gonna be an uneventful birthday. I'm gonna do brunch with Bethany and Lauren, just the 3 of us, since my cousins will be out of town, and Carrie and Taryn both have too much going on to make the trip up from Houston, apparently.
Anyway, I guess that's it really. Hopefully things get more exciting around here soon!

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Glad your doing ok... Thanks for the update!